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Lets All Find The Best Malay Food In Singapore!
Lately, i have been looking around for the best Gado Gado in Singapore. After asking around, i managed to get some info of a few places in Singapore that has the best Gado Gado. So for today, i will share one place. Here we are at House of Gandos, Geylang Serai Market.

I ordered , Gado Gado, of course.......

What im looking for in gado gado is the gravy . For this gado gado, the gravy is quite plain but it has abit of spicy feeling plus its abit watery. Some would prefer watery gravy but not me. To each his own preferences. Nothing much to talk about.

Rating : 5.5 / 10

Wanna try?

Head down to Geylang Serai Market
Stall : House of Gandos

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Another hanging out session with my buddy at my normal hangout place, Suriya Banana Restaurant.

Oh yes its the normal Indian food place but there's one stall selling Malay food. For those staying around Serangoon area, now you know there's one Malay food stall in that restaurant. Nothing great but wanna share this seafood fried rice that i ordered.

Seafood Fried Rice (No Vege) :

Nothing much to talk about this seafood fried rice but one thing for sure, i love the keropoks. :). Not all seafood fried rice comes with keropoks. Agree?

The rice's quite spicy, which is nice, and the usual seafood like sotong and prawn. Overall i feel its just an average seafood fried rice. There are better ones. Not really the singapore best malay food.

But if you're staying around Serangoon Central area and looking for a 24hrs Malay food in the middle of the night, you can drop by here. No harm trying them out.

Rating: 6/10
Oklah...At night lazy to drive so far.

Wanna try?
Head down to:

Sunshine Terrace
Suriya Banana Restaurant

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Here we are at Adam Road hunting for the $7 Special . It was not that crowded so it was just nice for us. Dinner time!

Here's our order;
$7 Special Chicken ( Roti John Cheese, Chicken Chop, French Fries)

Aaahhh.....! Bon Appetit! ....

Adam's Delight $7 Special is really special. Its 3 in 1. That's a bargain for $7. Wow! But what i personally like about this $7 Special is their cheese and the chicken chop sauce. Deliciousssss......  The sauce blends well with the Roti John cheese. The cheese taste similar to the cheese that you get at KFC. Isn't that nice? No.. Its SO Nice!

Here's more of it. 

Adam's Delight is the first to intro this $7 Special before the other stall starts to follow suit. So do try the Original from them.

Not only that, the service is also good. Look out for the young man who will take your order. He's a friendly chap who remembers his customers and treat them well. You'll know when you see him. 

Rating: 9.5/10
Definitely going back there to eat again.

Wanna try?
Head down to :

Adam Road Food Centre
Adam's Delight Stall

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Hola! First food review from SBMF !

Was out the whole day and it was time for dinner.Wanted to head down to adam road as i am suppose to review their $7 special but decided to head down to Yishun instead to whack their kway teow hongkong..

Been to many places and i must say this is one of the best most tastiest kway teow hongkong i have ever tried.What's so special about their kway teow hongkong? Their soup! The soup taste so delicious!A nice kway teow hongkong lies in the soup itself. Simply solid!

Rating 7/10

Try it. Feel it. Taste it. Head down to:

Simrah Seafood Restaurant
Yishun Ave 5
Blk 732

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